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Senior Scientist - Digital Signal Processing


Frontend Engineer - React, javascript, Nextjs


Backend Engineer - express, Nestjs, No-SQL, SQL


AI Engineer - image proccessing, opencv


Senior test automation Developer - cypress


Senior software Engineer, C#, .NET, and WPF

We Are Voyance

Voyance, founded in 2017, is a global leading digital imaging solution OEM provider in the field of healthcare industry and veterinary, Voyance is making the healthcare system available and affordable for more and more people around the world.


Current openings

If you think you might be a good fit for our team, we’d love to hear from you! If you don’t find a suitable position, you can still send us an e-mail to with your experience or portfolio and why you’d like to collaborate.

Senior Computer Vision and ML Engineer

New Cairo


Full time

Simple shared values

For everything we create, we consider its impact — on our customers, our colleagues, and our planet. The same innovation that goes into making our products goes into taking on issues we care about deeply, such as accessibility, equity, privacy, and the environment.

Fast and Faithful
Seize this AI era to unlock its potential and shape a promising future.
Acknowledging ambiguity and prioritizing prompt decisions are crucial in tech, as delays hinder progress.
Deliver Results
Cultivating the skill of overcoming obstacles and challenges is a honed art within our culture.
Take ownership
In our culture, owners lead by assuming full responsibility and embracing task ownership.
Customer Empathy
Empathy in design thinking addresses customer emotions, pain, and needs.
Passion and Fun
We're conquering challenges and pushing limits while enjoying the process.

Maintaining a culture across the globe

Pursuing goals
Each quarter, we organize ourselves around company-wide priorities. Cross-functional mission teams form and pursue their goals autonomously, celebrating milestones and learnings along the way.
Staying curious
Sanians are lifelong learners. From Friday hacks to weekly Lunch & Learns, we’re passionate about sharing what we know and discovering new things together.
Respecting focus
We believe in the benefits of managing our time and energy. We keep synchronous meetings to a minimum, and our schedules suited to whatever helps us feel at our most inspired.

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Acquisition software
Voyance provide Acquisition for x-ray images that help our customers to apply acquiring in efficient way
Acquisition software software
View from Anywhere, Anytime Advanced AI Measurement Tools Zero Footprint Web-based Viewer Routing Rules software
Mini PACS server
Fully DICOM 3.0 Compatible, MWL, and MPPS Unlimited Storage, Limitless Modality Connections, Advanced Specialty Measurement Tools
Mini PACS server